[New App] A-Strobe lets you change LED Strobe frequency using Volume Buttons

There are so many apps in play store which lets you strobe your LED light such as Disco lights, LED strober, etc. But controlling the strobe frequency was never easier through the user interface that app provides, especially when you’re in dance mode and you’ve to go through the app’s UI to change the strobe frequency. And this is where A-Strobe comes in. The app lets you strobe your phone’s LED and control its frequency through the volume buttons.

It is a small and simple app with user interface. When you launch the app from app drawer, the LED starts to strobe, and the app gets pinned to the notification bar to let you turn off the strobe LED. You can control the frequency of the strobe LED using the volume buttons. Volume up button for high frequency of strobe and volume down for low frequency. Full volume up makes the LED act as a torch — that’s, no strobing. LED is ON all the time as long as the notification is pinned in the status bar. To turn off the strobing, all you have to do is to tap the pinned notification.

The app is in beta stage and is not available in Play store and is only available for download only from the developer’s XDA post. Follow the link below to download A-Strobe.

The Good:
  • Very Light App
  • Free
  • No Ads
  • Does what it is meant to do and nothing else!
The Bad:
  • Nothing here

 icon-download  Download A-Strobe (Beta)

For latest versions of the app, join the developers Google+ Community and become a beta tester of the app  here’s the link.