[New App] QKSMS is a beautiful SMS app with colorful themes

Texting to friends through an SMS app is very rare these days due to the advent of Social networking apps like Facebook, Whatsapp etc… These Social networking messengers provide you with free messaging facility and no carrier cost applies except for the data plan of the device. However if you’re on a limited data plan then data usage may be depleted very quickly and if you’re in a weak signal zone then your battery drains faster. The only thing that comes to our aid at these situations is the SMS service provided by the carriers for short messages.

There are many SMS apps available in the Google Playstore, and many of them provide a wide range of features. However for a person who doesn’t solely depend on SMS service for messaging, a resource consuming SMS app is not at all a best choice. Most of the people suffice with the pre-loaded SMS app, but if you’re into beautiful and aesthetics here is a beautiful app with simple design which provide with various colorful themes and features. Say Hello to QKSMS app!!!

QKSMS is an Alpha build app from the XDA community member moezb with 36 inbuilt themes which fill your conversations with colors. The app reflects a simple and intuitive design which includes the latest circular icons trend for the SMS threads. At the first glance, the app looks pretty much close to the stock SMS app but if you look deeper, you can see some brilliant design effort from the developer.

Unlike the stock messaging apps, QKSMS comes with a multitude of features and the first notable feature is the in-built themes. The app uses some plain colors as the themes and adjusts the design according to the chosen theme. As of now the app provides a whopping 36 themes, so you can choose the theme that best suits your personality. QKSMS comes with Night mode feature which will enable the dark theme to reduce strain on your eyes in low light conditions.

You have other options like choosing the LED notification color, coloring the conversation for better differentiation between the sent and received messages. The SMS text size can be adjusted to  normal or small, and you can enable/disable delivery conformations and ads. Private notifications feature will hide the message text in notifications which is pretty handy in times. There is an option to place a beautiful widget on your home screen as well.

As of now, the app is still in Alpha build and the developer called for testers and debuggers by joining the app’s Google+ community. You can join the community from the below link:

QKSMS Google+ Community → Join Community.

You can also the download the app directly from the download link provided below to test drive the app on your device.


The Good
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Colorful themes and Night mode
  • Option to disable ads from the settings
The Bad
  • Nothing in this section yet.

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download QKSMS


  • Moez Bhatti

    Thank you for sharing my app 🙂

    • ​You’re welcome. And the app is really cool 🙂
      Btw, some features request. Allow users to just swipe the pop-up to dismiss the SMS. And, it would be cool if it marked the sms as ‘read’ when​ pop-up of the sms is dismissed.

  • Michael

    Wish it had individual notifications. A cat scream for the ex wife, a dog for the boss; that sort of thing! That’s a deal breaker for me.

    • Moez Bhatti

      I am going to be adding per-contact notifications a bit later on 🙂