[New app] LokLok let’s you send messages, doodles and photos straight to your friend’s lockscreen

LokLok is a connected lock screen between you and your friends, it lets you send/draw messages directly on the lock screen of your friend’s phone. It’s a whole new level of fun where you don’t even have to unlock your phone to chat with your friends, you can just turn on the screen and start drawing.

LokLok is a lock screen replacement app, like Go Locker or Locker Master. But, instead of a simple or themed lock screen, LokLok puts messaging, right on your lock screen. The lock screen shows a “synchronized white board” that puts your drawings and notes right on to your friends’ lock screen (In case if you’re wondering, they must also install LokLok). When installed, LokLok asks you to select a group of friends, whom you’d like to use LokLok with. You could also set up multiple groups for messaging different social circles, just like WhatsApp groups.


When you unlock the device, the default LokLok lockscreen will be shown. To edit it, swipe down, which allows you to edit the picture or add new picture. It has a palette menu which shows different brushes, brush sizes and colors to choose from. Once you have done the editing and doodling, the image will be shown in the lock screen of all group members. And anyone involved in the group can edit and make changes to the picture.


• Grab your phone and it’s there, start drawing without unlocking your phone

• Leave a note for others, it’s the first thing they’ll see when they reach for their phone

• Use it with your significant other or a group of close friends and stay in touch throughout the day

• Works like a white board, erase what’s there or draw over it

• Take a photo to put on your friend’s screen and draw over the photos they take

• Share your images on social media

• Groups are completely private, nobody can see you or search for you

• No history is saved, once you erase it it’s gone

LokLok has a beautiful UI, and it already won the award for Best new app at 2014 UK Mobile App and Design Award. LokLok has been on private beta for some time, but now it has entered public beta (It means you can expect some bugs here and there) and is available for download for Free from Play Store.

 icon-download  Download LokLok from Play Store