[New app] Get smart ringtone profiles and reminders for missed calls and unread messages with Phone Buddy app

Got brainwashed by your boss upon receiving a call in the middle of an important meeting? Is your phone busted for alerting you of a notification in the middle of the class? Then probably you regret those few moments when you have to stand embarrassed in front of someone. Things like these often happen as changing audio profiles on your Android device is probably not the most important thing on your daily To-do list. So let the Phone Buddy take care of changing your audio profiles, letting you carry your things peacefully.

Phone Buddy is a smart app that can be configured to change the audio profiles on your device based on the time and location. You can teach your device on when to switch profiles which would aid you in maintaining a stress proof environment. The app lets you configure the audio profile settings based on several factors called as Rules, these rules help the app to switch the audio profiles.

You can set the rules with a lot of options to configure, the common feature however would be to configure the audio profile based on the time so that you can set different audio profiles for different times depending on your estimation of daily habits. So, you may want to set a silent profile while in your office and a vibration profile when you’re in the dance club. Another option to configure the rule is based on the SSID of the WiFi connection which will active the corresponding audio profile when in the saved WiFi network. So the app can switch between various profiles based on the WiFi connections you have saved.

Another noteworthy feature of  the app is that it will constantly remind you of any pending notifications on Missed calls and unread messages in regular intervals which is also configurable. The app lets you set unlimited audio profile and rules without any limitation that too free of cost. The best part that should definitely be mentioned is that Phone Buddy comes ad-free which is pretty cool as most apps spoil the app experience with all those ads.

The Good
  • Rules based on time and WiFi SSID
  • Unread messages and Missed call notifications
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • No ads
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

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