New Android 5.1.1 update for LG G Stylo fixes Stagefright bug, and it’s mandatory (version H63110i)

Version H63110i is a new update that has begun rolling out for T-Mobile LG G Stylo users. It’s based on Android 5.1.1, and brings in ‘messaging security improvements and user experience improvements.’ That’s all T-Mobile says, but it essentially means that H63110i update fixes Stagefright bug, among other things.

T-Mobile has already fixes the said vulnerability on its high end devices like Galaxy S6 and Nexus 6, so it was about time less popular devices received the crucial bug fixer update too. If you haven’t received the update yet, try to grab it through Settings > About device > System updates. Tap on ‘check for update’ button to try your luck. Come August 30, the update will be available on mobile data too, as it’s Wi-Fi-only thing right now.

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  • ogmackplrcool

    I’m assuming if I update to this version I will lose root. My phone already downloaded the update and its really annoying having it pester me 24/7. Any way to disable auto updates or update without losing root?

    • Yes you would lose root most probably.
      There is a way to disable OTA. Install Titanium Backup app, open it and provide it root access.
      Now, in apps list, look for an LG app by name of update, or LG, or anything like that. Once you disable that, your phone won’t bug you for OTAs anymore. Plus, there is a cache folder that stores downloaded OTA file. Search for it and delete the file from there. Or better, copy and share it with us before deleting it. Someone might need it sometime. 🙂

      If you can’t find required APK file to disable/freeze (for Titanium backup) responsible for updates, and folder that stores OTA update file, after trying for like 1-2 days, then let me know. I will try to find that for you later on.