New Acer Chromebox CXI launched, packs Intel Core i3 Processor and 4GB/8GB RAM

acer chromebox cxi

Acer has announced the launch of a new Chromebox called Acer Chromebox CXI that uses the fourth generation Intel Core i3 processor. Well, the Chromebox’s Intel processor is a dual core one that is capable of rendering speedy performance without consuming much power.

Usually, we cannot see such powerful processors being used in Chromebooks or Chromeboxes. Though the Intel Core i3 processor is not best one, it is one of the better processors to be used in a Chrome device. This chip allows the device to support 2K and 4K displays and it is teamed up with 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM and 16 GB of solid state drive.

The other features of the Acer Chromebox include Intel HD graphics, a slew of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 to charge smartphones and tablets and support for micro SD card slot up to 32 GB to read the contents stored on the cards of other devices. Also, there are is a HDMI and DisplayPort that facilitate in viewing the contents on external HDTV displays. The Chromebox is bundled with Google approved USB keyboard and mouse and a VESA mount kit.


The Chromebox is preloaded with web applications and over 30,000 other apps, extensions and themes on the Chrome Web Store.

The Chromebox comes with a Powerwash option that will enable users to reset the device quickly to the original factory state. This way, users can delete the data stored on the device including photos, saved networks, downloaded files and owner permissions. However, there will not be any affect on the user’s accounts or the data that has been synced to the accounts.

There are several layers of security and verified boot to protect the CXI against online threats, viruses and malware. The system and user files are stored on separate partitions that will help in securing data and in simplifying the restoration process. Furthermore, the Chromebox CXI certified by Citrix delivers virtualized remote desktops and apps on a single platform.

The Acer Chromebox is available in two models – CXI-i34GKM has 4 GB of RAM and it is priced at $349.99 and the other one is CXI-i38GKM that packs 8 GB of RAM and it carries a price tag of $399.99.

  • You can actually get a much better deal on the Core-i5 4GB chromebox for less than half of that, search ebay for XE300M22-B02US, great machine! Screamer.