Netflix is adding a Random episode feature on the Android app

When you’re spoiled for choice, it’s really difficult to make a decision. And that’s exactly what happens when we sit down to watch something on Netflix. If you have a show in mind, you could just watch that.

But, what if you don’t know what you want to watch?

The extensive collection of TV shows on Netflix is very awesome, but also so confusing for an indecisive person. Lucky for us, Netflix might be offering us a solution.

Netflix is experimenting with a new option to let you watch a random episode selected by the Android app. The v7.6.0 build 19 34157 even offers a random episode option in the playback menu. That’s quite cool, especially, if you’re watching a show you’ve seen before. It would be cool to watch episodes of Friends or That 70’s Show on shuffle.

We’re definitely excited to see this feature roll out. It isn’t widely available yet, but we’re crossing our fingers that that will change sooner than later. Coming back home after work and just putting something on the TV has never been easier.


Via: AndroidPolice