Nest Cam Security Camera Resembles Dropcam, App Gets New Features

nest cam

It is speculated that Nest might unveil a new wireless camera at the next week’s event. It is a camera called the Nest Cam. The image shows that the Nest Cam looks similar to Dropcam, and the same makes sense as Nest owns Dropcam.

Eventually, Nest has access to Dropcam’s molds, hardware and more. As per the sources, the Nest Cam has been subjected to testing for months and it was disguised as a Dropcam Pro with a Nest branding at the front in the place of the Dropcam branding. The image seen above is that of a test unit.

The new unit seems to have been slimmed down significantly as the body looks modern and sleek. Dropcams were not as splendid as the Nest Cam that has changed gradually with time.


Nest has been slowly rolling out new features to the units of the Nest Cam that were under testing. Some of the features include Full HD 1080p video streaming and recording and a simple setup process involving QR codes and Bluetooth.

From the recent FCC filing, the new Nest wireless camera does have Bluetooth support that is likely to be used to setup new cameras. We can expect other new unique features as well to be a part of the Nest Cam.

In a related report, the Nest app is all set receive a major overhaul that will bring Dropcam and Nest products together. The new application is all set to receive a UI makeover that looks modern with slide-down menu and button heavy interface. The new Nest app seems to have the ability to show you the Dropcam cameras and their status. The application will let you control the Nest Protects and Thermostat as the Nest app will be the hub for controlling all the products.

Source: Droid-Life