NeoLAB Brings Neo Smartpen N2 Android-friendly Pen that can Sync Physical Notes to Smartphones

neo smartpen n2 pen

Technology has developed to a great extent that the difference between the physical and digital worlds has narrowed significantly. Though there are keyboard recognition keyboard apps and software, writing on a paper with a real pen is something irreplaceable. The Neo Smartpen N2 helps you in enjoying both these aspects together.

The Neeo Smartpen N2 gives a physical pen with the ability to record every stroke. It is a Bluetooth pen that is incorporated with a capture sensor in the tip and a micro USB port in its tail. You can use this pen in two ways – turn on the pen and write on a paper to sync it later or open the app for the software to capture the pen strokes.

The first method is quite convenient for dumping several pages of notes for transcription or to sync the notes with Evernote. The latter helps you in choosing different colors for the digital version of the ink adding artistic attempts. Though both the ways are great, it is fun to have the transfer from paper to app done.


The application is loaded with numerous features. Irrespective of your writing style, you can sync with the cloud serviced of your choice to enjoy a desktop experience, add a voice note, playback in the context, add tags to the pages, organize the notes in books, and more. There is a transcription feature that supports 15 languages to be downloaded.

The most important feature of the Neo Smartpen N2 is that it is comfortable to use it as a pen. It is relatively thicker than a normal pen, but the triangular shaft will make you feel great to write for a long time.

The pen cartridge is a replaceable D1 that can be bought from any office supply store or via online. The battery can last for several days and the local storage in the pen can handle a small book.

The Neo Smartpen N2 is priced at $170 that seems to be pretty expensive. However, the experience you will get with this pen is different and incomparable.