Moto One and One Power update news and more: February 2019 security patch now available

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February 02, 2019: The beauty of owning Android One devices like Motorola’s Moto One duo is that you’ll always be among the first to receive software updates. We saw it with the early update to Android Pie and now its happenining with respect to the latest Android security patches.

Motorola has already published the release notes for February 2019 security patches for the Moto One. We are not sure whether this update also affects the Power variant, but we hope so. Being an OTA update, it will take some time before all units get the download notification, so be calm as you wait for the update to arrive, probably early next week.


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For a moment, Android One seemed like a gone case, but when HMD Global decided to go full-in with the program, other vendors started getting serious about it, including Motorola. In the Moto One and Moto One Power, we have the second-generation Android One devices from the Lenovo-owned company and like their predecessor, they are indeed living up to what this program is all about – timely software updates.

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Android 9 Pie update

  • Pie update available for both phones

Both the Moto One and One Power devices now have access to Android 9 Pie update. The update was made available for the Moto One Power on November 17 and later arrived on the Moto One towards the end of the same month.

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