Moto X Pure OTA update with security patches rolling out, build 24.221.8.en.US

Motorola Moto X Pure is receiving a minor OTA update with security patches and usual bug fixes. The OTA update is 40.2MB in size and comes build number 24.221.8.en.US.

There’s no confirmation yet on whether this update features the latest December/January security patch for the Moto X Pure. But we guess it’s probably the January security patch since we’re almost halfway through the month.


The OTA update is currently on the roll and should reach your devices very soon. If in case you don’t get the update notification, be sure to check for it manually from Settings » About phone » System updates.

Moto X Pure Nougat update should also be coming soon as the company only recently listed Android 7.0 as an available update on its website for the device. We expect the Nougat update to arrive early next month for Moto X Pure, Moto X Style and Moto Z Play in the US.

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  • Received OTA notification. Tried installing, getting an Error on installation. Previously returned to stock and unrooted.

    • Update – If rooted, you must return to stock 5.1.1, download/install 6.0 OTA to change version from “Modified,” to “Official,” in bootloader. Then you can install this latest ota security package

  • Angel

    I got the update, and immediately started having some sound issues. So far it only manifests itself with when playing Giant Bombcast podcasts on Pocket Casts; the sound just crackles and screeches over speaker, headphone jack, and bluetooth. If I stream them via the Google Play Music app it sounds fine. no other sound (Spotify, music in Google Play Music, other podcasts in Pocket Casts) seem to show issues, but we’ll see.

    • Angel

      I found my issue. The play speed feature in Pocket Casts doesn’t seem to work properly after the OTA update. So if I play a podcast at anything but 1x the crackling and screeching begins. I guess the PC folks will have to update their app.

  • Steph

    Installing the update now, bummed to read that it’s not Nougat. Not net anyway.

    • Steph


  • Ohbikepilot

    I just received the update and I’m seeing September 1, 2016 as the patch level.

  • Natalia

    Hola, mi interés en la actualización es muy básica pero como me ha pasado varias veces quiero estar seguro. Alguno de los que actualizó tiene problemas en la forma de ver los contactos? Especificamente, me ha pasado que dejo de ver los nombres y cuando me llaman sólo aparecen los N° de teléfono.

  • amit yelve

    Hello Everyone…..
    Dec. Security patch roll out in india….some of my friends received that one…but I didn’t get it now….Due to what reason happened ?…..can u tell me someone…. Help me……