Moto Turbo 3 or concept phone? The images leak out again!

We have seen this device before, but din’t tell you about it because this was to be a concept phone. Only that this has appeared again, and with a Moto Turbo 3 branding, fueling rumors that this is indeed a legit device.

But what is Moto Turbo 3? Nothing, until Motorola surprises use by bringing the Turbo series out of US, where it is exclusive to Verizon. First up, the Turbo series is known as ‘Droid Turbo’, and, both of Droid Turbo and Droid Turbo 2 were Verizon sets.

So, this is still likely a concept phone, that you are going to see for a few more days before it disappears into oblivion.

There is also a suggested price of 4288 yuan (roughly $620), along with a mention of 128GB storage. That’s your lot.

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