Moto G 2nd Gen (2014) India receives Stagefright fixer update without Android 5.1 [Download OTA]

The Stagefright fixing updates are all over us, but for some lucky devices running 5.0, the Android 5.1 update was also showered with the Stagefright fixer one. Apparently, the Moto G users in India aren’t so lucky as they got an update today that fixes the bug but nothing more — we can’t really help but guess what is distracting the really-good Moto software update team from rolling out Android 5.1, still. Probably they too are too busy finding out “why did Kattapa kill you-know-who” using their software engineering geniuses, eh?

Anyway, the update’s pretty small at just 8.5MB of size, and brings nothing else then what it’s truly worth for, Stagefright bug fix.

If you happen to be residing in beautiful country India is, and using beautiful device Moto G 2nd Gen is, then you are in for a beautiful little update today. Or tomorrow, or in coming few days/weeks. First time use of the adjective was really meant, other times just not to look like favoring my beloved country.

Anyway, hit the Settings, then About device menu and then choose system updates and click on ‘check for updates’ button now to see if your device is able to grab the OTA update for you right away. If you ever installed TWRP, make sure you have the stock recovery installed back as the OTA update will require that for installation.

→ Btw, the update is also available for download below, along with an installation guide.


  • OTA update — Link | File: (8.5 MB)

Supported devices

  • Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen (2014 edition), model no. XT1068
  • Don’t try on any other Android device with a different model no. that XT1068!

Tip: Check the model no. in Settings > About phone. Or, you could also find the model no. on the packaging box of the device.

Warning: Warranty Although it is pretty safe to install an OTA update, but you only will be held responsible if anything bad happens upon following the procedure given below.

Backup necessary stuffIn case your device is wiped off while following the guide below, it’s good to have a backup of contacts, photos, videos and other files already saved on PC.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1. Download the official Moto G OTA update from above.

Step 2. Connect your Moto G to PC using a USB cable.

Step 3. Now transfer the OTA update to phone’s storage. Remember the location of it.

Step 4. Reboot your Moto G to recovery mode.

  1. Disconnect the phone from PC, and then Power off it.
  2. Press and hold both volume buttons with power button until you see anything on screen. This is bootloader mode.
  3. Now, use only volume down to move the selection to Recovery and then use volume up to select it and reboot into recovery mode.
  4. Wait, you’re not there yet. You’ll see a dead Android with exclamation mark. Just press and hold power button for 3 seconds and the while holding it, press Volume Up button once. You will enter recovery mode, and should see stock 3e recovery.

Step 5. In stock recovery, choose ‘install update from sdcard’.

Step 6. Now, select the OTA update file using volume buttons for navigation and power button to select a file or enter a folder. Once you select file, confirm its install and the update will start installing on your device.

Step 7. When done, you will be back to main screen of recovery. Select ‘reboot system now’ to restart your device and welcome the official Android 5.1 update from Motorola.

That’s it.

Need any help? Give us a shout in comments below.

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  • Sourav

    I have received the OTA Stagefright update but every time i download and install it. in the process the phone restarts and after installing approx 30-40% it shows android with error (red triangle) and then the phone restarts with a message that installation unsuccessful