[MOD] Set Smooth Motion as Default for Recording Videos on Galaxy Note 4

Like the smooth motion recording mode on your Galaxy Note 4? It’s better in many ways than the normal recording mode and many of us prefer to use smooth motion most of the time, so why not set it as default video recording mode on your Galaxy Note 4. Thanks to XDA member louforgiveno for modifying the stock camera app on Note 4 and change its default recording mode to smooth motion rather than the regular mode.

You’ll need to root your Galaxy Note 4 first to be able to install the modified camera, since replacing a system app requires system level privileges which can only be obtained via root access on the device.

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Without further ado, let’s download the modded camera apk file and see how to install it on your Note 4.

 icon-download SamsungCamera3.apk (10.98 MB)

How to install it


  1. Download and install a root explorer app, we recommend the free ES File Explorer app (get it here→).
  2. Using a file explorer app, go to /system/apps directory on your phone and rename the SamsungCamera3.apk file to SamsungCamera3.apk.bak
    └ This is to backup your current camera apk file before we replace it with the modded one in next step.
  3. Copy & Paste the new SamsungCamera3.apk that you downloaded above to the /system/apps directory on your phone.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. Open the camera app, it should have the Smooth Motion set as default for recording videos on your Note 4.



via XDA

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