Microsoft’s virtual assistant to come to Android soon

A couple of months ago, we brought you news of Microsoft’s plans to launch Cortana for Android — which is basically Its version of Apple’s Siri. Well, it seems like the software giant is quite close to realizing its plans as the app is expected to hit the shelves in a few weeks time.

The app can do things like┬ásearch queries, reminders, and take notes — in short everything Google voice commands do — however, it will do so with a personality attached to the voice thus adding a bit of flavor to what otherwise would be routine tasks. We are also guessing that the app will feature conversational abilities similar to its iOs counterpart.

The only shortcoming we have been able to discover at this stage is that the app is non-integrated. That is, unlike Google Voice or Siri with their dedicated buttons, the app will have to be accessed each time you want to use it.

Check out Microsoft talking about the Cortana app right below.

Source: AndroidPolice