Microsoft’s Office Lens Document Scanning App Launched for Android

microsoft office lens

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched the Office Lens application for Android and iPhone. The highlight of this application is that it can covert the device into a portable scanner. Notably, Microsoft is prepping a slew of applications for both iOS and Android platforms and the new Office Lens is one of them.

The Office Lens was made available for the Windows Phone based devices in the last year. It allows users to scan the documents, business cards, receipts, menus, whiteboards and much more. The application can recognize the corners of a document and hence, it will enhance, crop and clean the images by itself.


The implementation of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in the Office Lens app lets it identify printed text and lets users to search for the images using keywords in OneDrive and OneNote. Interestingly, the Office Lens app is capable of converting the scans into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or PDF files.

Though the Office Lens app has been introduced for Android devices, it is not readily downloadable from the Google Play Store. Users will have to join the Office Lens Android Preview community on the social network Google+, test the app and then download it following the instructions that are given.

Source: Google+, Microsoft Office Blog