Microsoft’s Nokia making a Lumia Android phone?

Nokia shocked the world when it was acquired by Microsoft and now there’s another shocking news from the renowned leakster, Evleaks, who is best know for his accurate inside news. Evleaks has tweeted that Android-Powered Lumia incoming from Nokia by Microsoft.

If the big news is for real then these may embark a new threat to existing players as Nokia Lumia devices apart from their good looks features a solid hardware package and many Nokia Lumia fans wanted it to come with Android rather than Windows Phone.

Microsoft can also solidify their Office Apps and One drive cloud storage by bringing their own Android powered Lumia as Microsoft Office for iOS is one of the top charting app on Appstore.

As the coin has two sides, similarly, if true, Android Lumia can kill Microsoft Windows Phone which is still struggling to establish itself. Although Nokia X series devices has not shown signs of threat to Lumia but as these devices are powered by less than decent specification their was not much chance.

Anyways we would love Microsoft for making Android powered Lumia’s as they are sleek and beautiful and feature great overall package and with Android we can not ask for anything more.

We would like to know what you think about Microsoft’s plans, and if it’s true, will you be willing to buy Android Powered Lumia Smartphone? Let us know in comments below.