Microsoft launches Cortana app dedicated to Samsung devices

The battle of voice assistants is getting fiercer with each passing day. Alongside the Apple’s Siri and search engine giant’s Google Assistant, Bixby joined the party a month ago with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. However, it is limited only to these devices.

It seems like Microsoft is aiming to cash in on this opportunity as it launched a dedicated Cortana app for Samsung handsets. There’s no word on whether the app will add any features especially for the Samsung devices nor there is information regarding which devices will the app support.

What we do know, however, is that the app will help you to keep track of things across multiple devices, set reminders on PC to get alerts on phone, and more.

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Further, Cortana will remind you of your missed calls on your PC and allow you to send replies. It will also give you smarter and personal recommendations based on your preferences.

You can download the Microsoft’s Cortana app for Samsung handsets from the link provided below. Do make a note that the app is currently unreleased which means it may not be as stable as you’d expect.


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