Microsoft introduces Office Lens to Play store: Scan documents on the go

In its drive to reach out to the wide section of smartphone users with the Android platform, Microsoft has introduced Office Lens — previously released in semi-private beta — to the Play Store.

As the name hints, Office Lens is all about mixing your camera and office. It does so by using your smartphone camera to capture and convert documents into Pdf and other document formats.

However, unlike the other run-of-the mill apps out there for this purpose, it works way better — provided that secondary conditions such as lighting, camera quality etc are satisfactory. All in all, Office Lens is quite handy, enabling users to create a soft copy that can be edited and re-printed at their leisure out of hard documents.


What’s more, the app also comes pre-integrated with OneNote and will also OCR the scanned documents — though it may require sharing it to OneNote or OneDrive.

The application is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above and is available on the play store right now.

Source: AndroidPolice