Mi Note 2 Flat screen has specs out!

Update [November 08, 2016]: The new variant of Mi Note 2, one that will come with a flat display in place of curved one, has got the specifications leaked out too now after pics of the device came out of Tenna. It’s being said that there will 6GB of RAM in addition to 128 GB of storage that’s changed, while everything else from the curvy Mi note 2 remains same. Oh yes, there is a new Gold color on-board too.


Tenna is a great source of information about upcoming Android devices, and today, the same source brings us a glimpse of regular straight screen-featuring version of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

Because Xiaomi didn’t call Mi Note 2 a Mi Note 2 Edge already, we have no idea what to call its regular display-toting variant — maybe Mi Note 2 edgeless? Okay, a more appropriate guess would be Mi Note 2A, on the lines of Redmi 4 and Redmi 4A that Xiaomi launched only recently.

Above you have images from Tenna listing, which gives us a view of what the device may look like, from all four sides, but in black color, there is nothing too much clear — which is fine, we’re already all buckled up for the flurry of another Mi Note 2 news that is about to hit us in next few weeks until this guy’s release.

What we can easily view — for proper differentiation — is that its bezels exists, without a doubt. So, nobody at Tenna is fooling us.

The Tenna listing comes from a trusted source, who earlier leaked the Galaxy S8 Edge specifications, which were widely covered by news blog around the world, and expected to come true too. Below you can see the Chinese and English version.

mi-note-2-straight-screen mi-note-2a

Even though there are so specs to talk about, one thing stands confirmed looking at the pics that this is not a dual-camera device, something which the already-released Mi Note 2 doesn’t have either. Unlike Vivo (with X9 and X9 Plus), Huawei (Honor 6X and 8) and other Chinese OEMs, Xiaomi is yet to come up with dual-camera device.

Moreover the regular Mi Note 2 we have here should be coming with Android 6.0.1 pre-installed, as we are yet to hear anything Nougat from Xiaomi, which is perfectly in line with other Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi (even Redmi Note 3 Nougat update is doubtful), Oppo, Vivo, etc but not except Huawei (Honor 8 got lucky just today!).

Flat Mi Note 2 release date

We expect Xiaomi to release the flat version of the Mi Note 2, shown above, within few weeks. This device should be out by November, and if not, surely in December 2016.

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