Meizu’s Ubuntu smartphone to be announced at CES 2015

Meizu M1 Note

Chinese manufacturers has had a great 2014 with their line up of budget devices as more and more users from developing countries are now switching to smartphones. All thanks to Android, manufacturers like Meizu, Xiaomi and a handful of others have managed to build great smartphones at low prices. Android powers the functioning of these devices, ensures that they are more featureful than iPhones and Windows phones are.

Now, the news is that Meizu is working on a smartphone powered by Ubuntu Touch, a Android Linux based operating system by the folks over at Canonical Ltd., developers of the famous Linux OS, Ubuntu.

We knew this was coming. Meizu signed an agreement with Canonical back in November which only meant an Ubuntu Touch OS based smartphone from the company. And only recently, a senior manager at Meizu, Zhang Heng, hinted at a launch of Ubuntu powered Meizu phone coming at both CES and MWC. Zhang Heng posted on his official Weibo page that “The M1 Note handset is the key to the UFO”. UFO here stands for Ubuntu Flyme OS and the Meizu M1 Note is the most recent smartphone by the Chinese manufacturer.

Based on Zhang Heng’s statement, we guess there will be another variant of the M1 Note releasing this summer, and it’ll run on the Ubuntu Flyme OS. We’re only 3 days away from CES 2015, where we expect Meizu’s Ubuntu Touch smartphone to be announced.

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  • Markcortbass

    “Now, the news is that Meizu is working on a smartphone powered by Ubuntu Touch, an Android based operating system by the folks over at Canonical Ltd., developers of the famous linux OS, Ubuntu.”

    Ubuntu Touch isnt Android based, its a completly different operatingsystem!

    • Insperatus

      The author must have meant a linux based os I suppose. I hope he fixes the error, Ubuntu Phone deserves to stand in it’s own light.

    • Corrected. Thanks for pointing out.