Meizu MX Beats Galaxy S3 in AnTuTu Benchmark

For those who’ve been following the news on the Samsung Galaxy S3 — and frankly, anyone remotely interested in the world of Android probably has been — you probably know that the Galaxy S3 beats all other smartphones at benchmarks quite easily. But it seems the days of the Galaxy S3 as the top dog will be short-lived.

In an AnTuTu benchmark test carried out by GSMArena with the Galaxy S3, HTC One X and the Meizu MX Quad-Core, the Meizu MX, which has the same processor as the Galaxy S3, came out on top with a score of 12140, compared to the 11878 score achieved by the Galaxy S3. The One X couldn’t cross the 10,000 mark with a score of 9989, but the Tegra processors aren’t really known for their computing prowess. The Meizu MX beat the S3 at CPU and memory speed parts of the benchmark, but lost to the S3 in the graphics part even though it has a lower resolution screen and has to push out less number of pixels, which means that the 60% faster Mali-400MP GPU (compared to the Galaxy S2) inside the S3 is doing a good job.

Of course, synthetic benchmarks are useless unless the real-life performance of the phone is good, where there probably won’t be any difference between the two. And the S3 probably has nothing to worry about, as the Meizu MX won’t be available in most parts of the world, but it’s certainly won’t let the S3 be too comfortable in its position as the top droid performer out there.