Triple OS touting Meizu Mi Mini Specs, Release Date and Price are out!

Remember Bada OS? Samsung had to launch its Galaxy S on that OS too, albeit under a different moniker — must have been some Samsung Wave device, the name skips me. Anyway, my point is Meizu looks like doing the same, under the same moniker of Mi Mini, though, as it plans to release 3 editions of it, one each pleasing the fans of Android, YunOS and Ubuntu respectively.

We know you know Android more than any of the other two, and are a little bit familiar about Ubuntu, well just know that YunOS is used in some phones in China and although it doesn’t have a respectable user base yet, Meizu wanted to try it anyway, even though both Android and Ubuntu are completely free OS to use for OEMs.


There’s a bit of Meizu Mi Mini spec-sheet that was also unearthed. Although rumored to feature a display of 4.7 inches earlier, latest leak point at 5 inch HD panel that occupies most of the front of the device. Moreover, it’s said to have 6 color options that should be very pleasing to its likely customer base, mostly must be college guys and gals.

It’s also said that Meizu Mi Mini would be priced around 699 yuan, $110 approx. It’s not bad for Mi Mini, as we think it will be definitely packing in at least quad-core processor, and 1GB RAM, along with 5MP camera at the back with 2MP on the front.


Lastly, we even have a wild leak of the device (see the pic right above) where you can see the two Meizu Mi Mini sets, the middle one and the right one. The left most is Mi Note. The center one looks to be running Android 4.4 KitKat, while on the right one, it seems the Flyme smartbar has replaced the stock Android navigation bar, although it could be that YunOS!

Meizu is expected to make the Mi Mini an official member of its family very soon, on January 28, 6 P.M. China time. That’s not far now!

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