MDB08K Nexus 6P OTA update rolling out already!

A relatively small updated dubbed as MDB08K is rolling out for Nexus 6P users, whose factory images hit the web yesterday.

After a long wait, Nexus 6P have started shipping to users, and we’ve already seen many users reporting receipt of their Nexus 6P orders in last few days.

The OTA update seems pretty soon to be happening, but we expected it because the same build (MDB08K) arrived as a factory image too yesterday.

The OTA update’s size is 45MB, and users are reporting they don’t see any significant changes from the base build MDA89D.

Do you own a Nexus 6P? Do you also find the camera app a bit laggy, and thus in need of a software update? If you do update to MDB08K, do let us know what changes update brings to your device.

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