Material-design inspired Castro is one beautiful app to get you hardware info

There are tons of Android apps that pluck away all the details of the hardware and current status of battery, RAM, etc. related to your phone, but most of them are not pleasing to eye. Hence, we’ve thought about sharing an app with you today, that’s one of the most beautiful app in its category, Castro.

Of course, if it’s beautiful on Android, it’s got a touch of Material design for sure. The design concept launched with Lollipop update by Google is one of the best UI we’ve seen on mobile screens, and any app that’s themed to material effect starts better than others that don’t.

Castro gets you details about the hardware strapped inside the body of your phone, as well as current status of its functioning. Like, battery status and temperature, current CPU clocking speed, etc. It lacks graphs and other visual representation for now, and relies on text only that’s changing constantly based on per-second status, and that’s not bad actually. Yep, UI helps here.

Do check it out, it’s worth an installation.

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