Marshmallow update for Verizon Note Edge released (build N915VVRU2CPD1)

Update: The PD1 update is now available as Odin TAR firmware on our firmware download page kinked below. So if you ever want to go back to stock PD1 build, just install the PD1 build using the firmware.

The US carrier Verizon Wireless just released the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for its Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The build no. of the 6.0 update for Verizon Note Edge is N915VVRU2CPD1, and is based on stock Android build no. MMB29M.

As obvious as it is, the PD1 update is indeed a BIG update for Verizon Galaxy Note Edge. With Marshmallow, you get tons of cool goodies, including our favorite one, Doze mode, which extends battery life greatly.

You can manage which app gets what permissions, while Now on Tap adds a cool touch to your Google Now app.

There are some UI changes (new icons!) from Samsung part of the update too, BTW, and Verizon went ahead and added support for Ultra-High-Quality Audio- UHQA (Hi-Fi Audio) too.

Bloatware gets some axe in this update, which is good, as you will no longer find Amazon Music app after installing the 6.0 based PD1 update on your Verizon Galaxy Note Edge.

To check for an update, go to Settings, find and tap on System update. Keep checking for the OTA update several times a day. The Android 6.0 update has been released as an OTA, and is being gradually distributed to all Verizon Note Edge devices now.

We will sharing the PD1 Odin TAR firmware with you soon too once we have it, so keep an eye on your firmware page too.

Galaxy Note Edge firmware

The firmware could take time becoming publicly available, so until then you have to look for the OTA update.


Via Verizon

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