Marshmallow update for T-Mobile HTC One M9 and One M8 confirmed without any release date estimate!

Just as it did for the Marshmallow update for T-Mobile Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 4 and Note 5, the carrier has confirmed that it’s working with the OEM on Android 6.0 update for its HTC One M9 and One M8.

HTC Marshmallow update plans were already out earlier and that also confirmed that the company plans to release Android 6.0 for its One M8 and One M9, but it’s good to see carrier come forward and speak up for the upcoming about itself.

That also means that HTC and T-Mobile has no plans to release the coveted Marshmallow update for marvel of a device we know of as HTC One (M7). That’s sad, but quite understandable as One M7 is past its guaranteed update life of 2 years now.

Anyway, we’re yet to hear whether any HTC Desire series Android device at T-Mobile will get the 6.0 update. So, what’s up T-Mobile regarding that?

We’ll update you with Marshmallow update release dates as and when they are out. But for now, wait is estimated to be of good 2-3 months.

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