Marshmallow Gapps: How to fix Google Play services force close error

We’ve shared some good no. of Marshmallow Gapps with you earlier, and some were confirmed to be working good for given device(s). And we often heard you complaining about the Google Play services error during setup or thereafter, well, here’s a fix to that.

Like the Facebook chat heads problem on Marshmallow we saw earlier, it looks like the Google Play services errors are down to permissions too.

To fix such force close errors on Google Play services, you need the right Gapps first, and then the trick below to fix those errors.

Fix Google Play services error on Marshmallow

Step 1: Download the Marshmallow Gapps first. (It’s recommended you try the one by Benzo, on the Gapps page!)

Step 2: After flashing the ROM and Gapps, when you reboot your device, you will start getting errors during the setup. Ignore them, and go past them all. If you open a app or touch anything that uses Play services, you’ll get an error or two.

Step 3: Let’s fix this now. Go to Settings > Apps. Now, Use the 3-dot menu button in top right, and select Show system option.

Step 4: Now, locate and tap on Google Play services app, and then tap on permissions.

Step 5: Turn every permission on. It should be on by default, but because it isn’t, we have to give Google Play services app all permissions it needs to work smoothly.

Step 6: Go back and exit the settings. You should be receiving force close errors now — Marshmallow Gapps are now installed properly.

Let us know in case it doesn’t work for you. Be sure to try various Marshmallow Gapps available with us.

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