LS996ZV7: New OTA update rolling for Sprint LG G Flex 2!

Sprint is rolling out yet another update for its LG G Flex 2 users. While the official word on as regards changelog is same-ol’ dullest one ‘Various bug fixes and enhancements’, users over at XDA are already reporting that some icons have been changed after they installed the 140 MB sized OTA. Till now, only the LTE and WiFi icon have been spotted as changed.

We don’t how much affect the ZV7 update has on battery drain — or lack of it — but it won’t be long when we’ll have our answers. Here’s hoping update smooths out the buggy LG UI, which despite running on some of the greatest hardware, more then often feels jerks and lagging many a times.

If you are an Sprint G Flex 2 users, have you received the LS996ZV7 update yet? What performance boosts and design changes do you notice?

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