Look, this is the old Galaxy S6, and its case

The same website that listed some cases of HTC One M9 case was found listing the similar case for Samsung Galaxy S6 yesterday, and today, alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 renders have made an outing on the same design guidelines one found on the case. Above is the Galaxy S6 render that features what is now an old design, while right below is the Galaxy S6 case based on the that rather old design. As of right now, or talking about what is the new and final design of the Galaxy S6 according to many rumors that have flowed in at a rate of almost one per day, we expect it to feature a glass back with metal used on the four sides.


Galaxy S6 specs are rumored to include an impressive 5.2″ display that would feature the best Super AMOLED display yet, not only because it features Quad HD resolution, but also because it will be pretty top-notch qualty wise, that is, very bright under the sun and, really dim in darkest environment.

3GB RAM and octa-core Exynos processor will be powering the Galaxy S6, while the curved version, Galaxy S Edge, will feature 4GB RAM. The whole Galaxy S6 processor saga was the talk of January, really, ever since first rumors appeared about Samsung rejecting the super Qualcomm chip, the Snapdragon 810, due to overheating issues found under its own testing. LG came in favor of Qualcomm, and also defending its use of the same processor in G Flex 2, and when reports appeared Qualcomm would redesign the processor to favor Samsung and its Galaxy S6, rather awful rumors of LG threatening to sue Qualcomm appeared.

Since then, LG has spoken out that it holds no such grudges against Qualcomm, while the latter admitted only hours ago that one large flagship won’t be powered by its Snapdragon 810 processor, and that even led to its shares taking a hit. So, Exynos 7420 processor that leaked recently on benchmarks — pretty impressive scores, btw — looks likely the chipset for the Galaxy S6, a news that many of us power users may not welcome as there is literally very restricted aftermarket development on the Samsung sets powered by its own processor. Blame Samsung for that for not sharing the developer useful sources.

Back to Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, a rather smaller 2,550mAh battery is rumored to be powering the device, which may do good actually if properly optimized. It’s an indication to us that Samsung is targeting a slimmer device than the iPhone 6, and hence a smaller battery.

On top of all this, however, stands a 20MP camera rumored for the Galaxy S6. We don’t know what aperture value it will have, but if Samsung uses the aperture of f/1.8, that coupled with its already great history of producing one-of-the-best smartphone cameras, the 20MP snapper on S6 would be a killer one.

There will be no microSD card going forward with Samsung flagships perhaps, beginning with Galaxy S6, another indication that the company is targeting really slim device that’ll compliment the new design featuring glass back and metal on the sides. Thus, storage options have gone larger-than-ever for Samsung devices, with 16GB storage ditched in favor of 32GB for the base model, other options being 64GB and 128GB.

And you know what, all this revamp on the exterior would feel half full of a glass, or half empty depending on how you like to think of things, if the Samsung’s own TouchWiz didn’t get any modern, and material, at all. Thankfully, rumors have that covered, too, as it’s said that Samsung is eagerly looking to slice out the not-so-necessary code of the TouchWiz, and would try to get things minimal to level of Nexus 6 — not literally, of course, because Nexus 6 is a size zero when it comes to bloatware, which fat TouchWiz can never be!

Samsung Galaxy S6 release is expected in March’s end, some odd 60 days from today, while the announcement is expected on March 2 at MWC in Barcelona.

Via PhoneArena and Webtrek

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