LG V40 update: U.S. unlocked variant receiving Android 9 OTA update

LG V40 Android update

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June 17, 2019: Owners of the U.S. unlocked LG V40 ThinQ can now download and install Android 9 Pie on their devices.

June 02, 2019: There is one more carrier that has released the Android 9 Pie for LG V40, AT&T. The carrier began rolling out Pie update for its V40 users yesterday, with the OTA coming in as version V405UA20d. See the changelog for the Pie update in the space right below. Along with the new features that Google has baked into Android 9 Pie, LG has added some useful stuff of its own too that’s worth knowing about.


May 24, 2019: Verizon Wireless finally announces a software update which includes Android 9 Pie upgrade along with the latest Android security patches. Here’s a changelog.

With the Android Pie update, you get new features like Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, Gesture Navigation, Digital Wellbeing, Dark mode, App Actions, App Slices, Easier Screen Rotation, improved DND mode, new Material design, and more.

LG is also adding some of its own upgrades with the Pie update. In the camera app, you can now have cine shot, part slow-mo, AI cam, story shot and even YouTube Live. A new feature called ‘Intelligent Gallery zoom’ in the gallery app will now allow you to change the blur effect in the photos taken with the portrait mode.

There’s even more that LG has added to the stock Android 9 Pie. You also get Album bar (move/copy images easily), Home screen lock, Game launcher, Pin to screen (cool!), Brief notifications, and more. Find the full changelog at the bottom of this article.


May 11, 2019: T-Mobile has begun testing Android 9 Pie update for the LG V40 ThinQ. The software has left the development phase, meaning its just a matter of time before the rollout begins. We can’t give you an exact date, but the testing phase should take at least 2-3 weeks, so the rollout should begin anywhere next month.


This page is to keep a track of all software updates for the V40 ThinQ.

We’ll also try to provide the answer for one of the biggest questions regarding the V40: when will it get Android 9 Pie?

Global LG V40 ThinQ update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
11 Oct 2018 V09a04 | Android 8.1 Improvement of Camera HDR performance, Sharpness and Color at outdoor condition; AF performance with triple shot; black phenomenon of video recording
08 Oct 2018 V09a | Android 8.1 Improvement in low-light image quality, low-light HDR, AI Camera Image Quality, white balance and brightness at outdoor condition; Auto Focus performance

AT&T LG V40 ThinQ update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
02 Jun 2019 V405UA20d | Android 9 Brings Android 9 Pie upgrade with a lot of new features. See the changelog at the bottom for more
28 Jan 2019 V405UA10m | Android 8.1 January 2019 security patch
04 Jan 2019 V405UA10l | Android 8.1 Support for 5G indicator
30 Nov 2018 V405UA10k | Android 8.1 November 2018 security patch
14 Nov 2019 V405UA10j | Android 8.1 October 2018 security patch

T-Mobile LG V40 ThinQ update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
27 Dec 2018 V40511d | Android 8.1 December 2018 security patch
05 Nov 2018 V40511c | Android 8.1 October 2018 security patch, camera improvements and various bug fixes
19 Oct 2018 V405TA08b | Android 8.1 Pre-installed

Sprint LG V40 ThinQ update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
31 Jan 2019 V405U13a | Android 8.1 January 2019 security patch
17 Dec 2018 V405U12a | Android 8.1 December 2018 security patch

Verizon LG V40 ThinQ update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
24 May 2019 V405UA20a | Android 9 April 2019 security patch and Android 9 Pie upgrade (see the full changelog from Verizon at the end of the article)
30 Jan 2019 V405UA10d | Android 8.1 December 2018 security patch
14 Nov 2018 V405UA10c | Android 8.1 October 2018 security patch, new camera features, and bug fixes
19 Oct 2018 V405UA10c | Android 8.1 Pre-installed

U.S. unlocked LG V40 ThinQ update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
17 Jun 2019 V405QA20a | Android 9 Installs Android 9 Pie with May 2019 security patch
16 Jan 2019 V405QA11e | Android 8.1 January 2019 security patch
14 Nov 2018 V405QA11d | Android 8.1 December 2018 security patch
19 Oct 2018 V405QA10d | Android 8.1 Pre-installed

LG V40 ThinQ Android 9 Pie update

  • Android 9 Pie update is available

Contrary to the expectation, the LG V40 ThinQ trailed the LG G7 to the update to Android 9 Pie, eventually joining the party beginning May 2019.

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LG V40 Android 9 Pie update changelog

Here is the official changelog from Verizon (same for all variants) for LG V40 Android 9 Pie:

Home touch buttons with gesture:

  • Just swipe up to switch to Overview or App drawer. Swipe right to move to the most recently used app.

Use the Volume keys for media:

  • The Volume keys now adjust from ringtone volume to media volume by default.

Show lockdown option:

  • In the lockdown mode, biometrics cannot be used, all lock screen notifications are hidden, and Smart Lock turns off. Press and hold the Power key and select Lockdown.


Cine shot:

  • Easily make cinemagraphs and take still photographs with a minor repeated movement.

Part Slo-mo:

  • Record a video with up to five scenes in slow motion. You can also edit which parts to play in slow motion and change the speed.

AI composition:

  • When AI CAM detects a person, it suggests the best composition.

Story shot:

  • Lets you take a selfie with better composition and background exposure.

YouTube Live:

  • Go live with YouTube Live directly from LG Camera.


Screenshot with URL:

  • Screenshots contain a URL so that you can revisit the website from where the screenshot was taken (supported with Chrome).

Intelligent Gallery zoom:

  • For a photo taken in Portrait, touching and holding on it temporarily removes the blur.

Album bar:

  • Lets you move photos or jump to other Gallery albums quickly.

Fundamental enhancements

Home screen lock:

  • Prevents apps and widgets from unintentionally being rearranged or removed.

Dual App:

  • Lets you use two of the same apps simultaneously with different accounts. This feature works with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Line, Skype, Telegram, KakaoTalk, QQ Mobile, BlackBerry Messenger, Hike Messenger, ICQ, Zalo and Snapchat.

Game launcher:

  • Keeps games and game-related shortcuts in one place.

Pin to screen:

    Take a screenshot with Capture+ and pin it to the screen to use the information in other apps or screens.

Brief notifications:

  • Shows notifications in a lighted bubble using only a portion of the screen. The whole screen does not have to wake up to show notifications.


What are your thoughts on LG’s efforts as regards the V40 updates?