LG V30 Oreo update: Android 8.0 rolling out in Korea as beta

lg v30 Oreo update

Update [November 27, 2017]: LG’s V30 users in Korea who applied for the beta registration, are now being given Oreo beta software as an OTA. Check the out the screenshot below. The update also packs in November 2017 security patch. LG also mentioned release of stable version of its V30 Oreo, and we can expect that in December 2017. While there was no region-wise rollout mentioned, we assume they mean all unlocked units, meaning stable release of V30 Android 8.0 update could take place in Korea, Europe and the US together in December.


Original article: LG V30 — one of the best bezel-less phones you can buy — became available in the US only a while ago but it’s already seeing an update that is one of the most crucial one for the whole year. Nope, it’s not Oreo, in case you’re wondering, as this one still runs on Android 7.1.2, but why it’s important one is because it fixes the serious security issue called Blueborne.

For the uninitiated, nearly all device in the current lineup of major OEMs are receiving the Blueborne fix as an OTA, but if you thought V30’s launch software included the fix, that’s not the case.

We’ve seen the Blueborne security fix roll out for variety of devices — you can keep a track of these fixes here. We expect other US carriers to follow the suit, so if you own or are about to own a V30 at T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, know that there is an OTA update waiting for you.

The fix is rolling out as software version VS99610c, and comes with September patch, too. To download the update on your LG V30, head into Settings > Software info, and tap on the ‘check for update’ button under system updates menu.

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Expected V30 Oreo release date

Update [November 27, 2017]: LG confirmed earlier today that they plan to release the Android Oreo OS update for V30 users in December 2017. That’s next month, and even though just three days later from announcement timing, we think they are talking of end of December 2017 rollout here, probably world over.

Expected release date: December 2017.

We’re anticipating the V30 Oreo rollout to take place soon. Not that it means you can take October release for granted, actually, it could take some time. We think LG would go for G6 Oreo release first, and may follow it up with V30 Android 8.0 software update in a quick succession.

Whatever be the order, the V30 8.0 update could begin in Korea first, just like device’s own release, and may soon be expanded to other markets like US, with each carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon) rolling it out the update separately, on its own terms, after satisfying themselves with enough testing that the update is good for the rollout.

You can check out LG Oreo update device list article for more info on expected release date and eligibility status of each LG device.

While we’re talking Android 8.0 supported devices, you might also be interested in checking out device list of other OEMs:

You know what, we love LG for its fast Android OS updates. Last year, they were the first one to bring Nougat to their LG G5, and a year before that, they made LG G3 the first non-Google device to receive Marshmallow as an OTA.

Which is why we’re super-hopeful this time around too, but given the leaks and official teaser so far, it looks like it won’t be LG. OnePlus 3 is already running Android 8.0 under closed-beta testing, and the same is the case with OnePlus 3T too as its Android 8.0 firmware has leaked out too. Then, you have Nokia 8 teased running Oreo.

All of this means LG faces tough competition from OEMs that are small in size, but have few devices to maintain and bring the update over. It’s very much possible that OnePlus Oreo rollout takes place before Nokia’s Android 8.0 release, and both of these OEMs beating the likes of LG, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola to 8.0.

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