LG V30 shipments delayed further in Germany and Netherlands

The LG V30 was launched in September this year, and it is the flagship from the Korean company. The phone features high-end hardware, great design, and a waterproof build. The cameras on this phone are pretty good as well.

LG has made the phone available in many regions already, including Europe, but it looks like there might be some delays in some regions. The company has delayed the release of the LG V30 in Netherlands by two weeks. Now that’s a long time for some users, and LG might lose potential buyers.

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The phone has been delayed in other regions as well, with an LG representative stating that it will release in Germany in mid-December. Users in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are still seeing coming soon written all over the place. Apparently, the phone did very well in Asia, and due to low stock, other regions are being affected.

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Not to worry though, as all these regions will get the phone by the end of this year or early 2018. LG should and are probably stepping up their production game. The company has an offer going on in the US as part of Black Friday, where they are providing a $400 rebate.

Meanwhile, OnePlus just released the OnePlus 5T, so you can give that a look as well. Also, several online retailers are giving huge discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S8 series.


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