AI-based LG V30s specs detailed ahead of MWC 2018 launch


In the wake of reports that the LG G7 will not be at this year’s MWC tech show in Barcelona, it is now emerging that the South Korean company will instead unveil a new variant of the LG V30 at this event.

After reexamining its options, LG has reportedly ordered the development of the LG G7 to begin from scratch. This decision has meant that the company won’t be ready to stick to its usual strategy and unveil the LG G7 at the MWC 2018, rather, we may have to wait until somewhere in April.

To keep fans busy as they wait for the next G series flagship, the company is reportedly planning to give the LG V30 a bump. The new variant could be called LG V30s, especially since what would have been the ideal name, LG V30+, is already taken. To make it a little different from the other LG V30 variants, this one will include AI-based features meant to take advantage of the Google Assistant and possibly more.

Apparently, the idea behind LG releasing a tweaked version of an existing phone is so as to make up for the losses made by the company’s smartphone division over the recent past by reusing existing parts to increase efficiency. It has already happened with the LG Q6 and Q8, two phones that borrow a lot from the LG G6 and LG V20, respectively.

The upgraded LG V30 is expected to help LG stay afloat the smartphone market, especially at a time when Samsung will have unveiled the Galaxy S9. Both phones will start selling in mid-March.

Update [February 13, 2018]: In less than two weeks, the LG V30s will be among us and as you’d expect, details of the phone have begun trickling in ahead of the MWC 2018 launch.

Apparently, the LG V30s will ship with a massive 256GB of internal storage, four times the model sold in the U.S. and twice the storage of the V30+. This is the same storage capacity found on the LG V30 Signature Edition that was launched exclusively to the Korean market. Since this exclusive model has 6GB RAM, we expect to see the same module on the V30s.


In addition to upping the quantity of the phone, you also get some quality upgrades led by LG Vision AI and Voice AI, which, as you may have guessed, has everything to do with the AI features the phone is expected to rock. Vision AI will auto-analyze objects and serve users with recommendations on which shooting modes to use for better results. According to LG, this feature takes into account things like color, the angle of view, backlighting, reflections as well as saturation levels before giving out a recommendation based on the eight available shooting modes: landscape, portrait, food, city, pet, flower, sunrise and sunset.

As for Voice AI, the Korean company has partnered with Google to bring exclusive voice commands to the search giant’s digital assistant. In addition to the 23 commands rolled out last year, the LG V30s will get an additional 9 commands for use with the Google Assistant.

LG also notes that some of the features making their debut on the V30s will find their way to older models, including the standard LG V30 and V30 Plus, perhaps alongside the largely neglected LG G6.

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