LG V10 Root and TWRP recovery coming soon as bootloader unlocked

Developers have successfully unlocked bootloader of the latest major Android release from LG, the V10. The V10 bootloader unlock has been achieved using Fastboot mode, btw.

This also means that LG V10 will have root and TWRP recovery available soon. While the unlock bootloader tool isn’t available yet, we hope it will be released pretty soon for the public.

For proof, check out the TWRP running on LG V10 above. Final touches are pending with the tool, and once they are done, the LG V10 TWRP recovery will be released soon too along with bootloader unlock tool.

Which also means that we will be able to flash SuperSU to achieve root access on LG V10. We would need custom kernel too, or modified system image, for that but that is something that will be easily available as the hardest part is already over as regards LG V10 root and TWRP recovery.

Keep watching this space, save it as bookmark if that’s your thing, as we will be updating this page with root and TWRP soon.

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