LG sues BLU for patent infringement

According to a new report coming from Korea, LG Electronics has filed a lawsuit against BLU for patent infringement. The US smartphone manufacturer, BLU, has been charged with infringing on five LG owned telecom patents.

LG went to the International Trade Commission and the Delaware US District Court to file complaints. The company has claimed that BLU has been using some of its LTE patents without seeking permission.

The Korean manufacturer had asked BLU to negotiate a licensing deal, but they did not get any response, according to a statement provided by LG. The US smartphone maker also did not respond to past requests for not using the infringing patents. Jeong Saeng-gyu, the chief of LG’s patent division stated;

LG will continue to protect its patented technology and take decisive actions to prevent the illegal use of its intellectual property rights.

BLU is a major smartphone maker in the US, and mostly makes mid-range and low-end smartphones for the masses. The company hasn’t made any public statements about this yet.

via The Investor

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