LG to sue Qualcomm?

That’s weird, right? Especially, when you know that LG recently came in support of Qualcomm and its Snapdragon 810 SoC chip that powers the company’s G FLex 2, after reports appeared that Samsung had deemed the chipset as faulty, overheating to the extent that it had to replace the same with in-house Exynos processor for the Galaxy S6. Which is really did.

Next we heard was Qualcomm paying lip service to Samsung and decidedly went on to modify its SD810 processor to Samsung’s will, a move that’s hasn’t been welcomed by LG with open arms, and it is exactly due to this reason that LG might go as far as to sue Qualcomm over production of modified SD810 chipsets.

That’s even when LG G Flex 2, too, is also rumored to be suffering from the faults within Snapdragon 810 processor! We don’t have any idea what is upsetting LG so much regarding Qualcomm modifying the chip for its biggest customer for years.

But is it as simple as LG looking to take advantage of situation to score over Samsung?

Or is it that LG was done optimizing the software on G Flex 2 as per Snapdragon 810, which is now being reconsidered by its maker, Qualcomm?

Or there is a certain dip in performance of the new modified SD810 chip that is making LG rue the changes, but in this case Samsung too wouldn’t be interested?

What do you guys think?

Source: KoreTimes | Via G4Games

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