LG Signature Edition phone launches in South Korea with zirconium ceramic back

LG is launching a Signature Edition smartphone with a zirconium ceramic back in its homeland. The smartphone is completely based on the LG V30 both by design and the hardware, except for 256GB storage capacity and the shiny new ceramic back, which according to the company will hold up against abrasion and corrosion and help maintain its “simple and delicate design” for a longer period.

LG Signature Edition will be a limited edition phone with only 300 available in stock. The company will commence sales of the device by the end of this month in South Korea. The device will ship with two Bang & Olufsen headphones inside the box, one wireless and the other wired. LG also plans to carve users name on the back of the device upon request.

The price of LG Signature Edition phone hasn’t been officially announced yet but according to industry analysts, Signature Edition phone will go on sale in the country for a ridiculously high 2 million won ($1,827) price tag.

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