LG offering free repair for Nexus 5X units with bootloop issue

Nexus 5X users, off late, have been facing a hard time with various bugs making their way into the Nexus device. One of the recurring problems reported by Nexus 5X users worldwide is the bootloop issue. As a fix, the co-developer of the device, LG, is offering free repair services to Nexus 5X devices with unconfirmed “boot loop” problems.

A spokesman from LG Electronics said that the ‘repair services are available for Nexus 5X customers in Korea for free’ and there’s ‘no time limit for the service.’

The bootloop problem makes the device reboot and gets stuck into bootloop with an LG logo. Citing the reasons behind the bootloop problem, the official stated that ‘it is almost impossible to pinpoint one or two exact causes’ adding ‘that is why we put priority on hardware stability for our recent models.’

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LG devices experiencing bootloop problems isn’t entirely a new phenomenon. Customers in the US using flagship handsets, G4 and V10, had to undergo a similar problem prompting them to file a class suit against LG seeking compensation.

Although, LG has yet to work upon the refund policy, ‘LG Electronics America did offer a refund for Nexus 5X users as repair parts for the device were out of stock.’

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Taking a cue from this problem, LG has worked itself into ensuring that this bootloop issue does not occur on the LG V20 and latest flagship G6. LG Electronics’ mobile chief Cho Juno himself clarified this during the MWC 2017 in Barcelona.

He said, “We have fixed the boot loop-related problems for all the models launched after the V20 last October,” adding that “in particular, the G6 will be free from the problem, even if users connect the device to unauthorized cables.”

via Korea Times

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