LG K20 update: AT&T users receiving April 2019 security patch

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May 03, 2019: AT&T has new updates for the LG K20 arriving as version M25520f and installs April 2019 security patch. The update weighs 115MB and is available over the air, meaning it will take several days before everyone gets the download notification.

March 01, 2019: A few days ago, AT&T started rolling out a new update to the LG K20 bearing software version M25520e. This update tags along a new Android security patch for February 2019, which the carrier says is 102MB in size.

Besides the new patch level, the update also brings general bug fixes and system-wide optimizations for the Oreo-powered device. If you haven’t seen the download notification by now, its because OTA updates are staggered, meaning some units get the nod ahead of others.

February 19, 2019: The LG K20 is receiving a new software update from Verizon Wireless that installs a new Android security patch for January 2019. It’s not strange that the K20 is receiving last months security patch at such a time, after all its what we expect for a budget phone.

The airborne update is rolling out gradually as version VS5011CA, so be sure to be patient as you wait for the OTA download notification to arrive.

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LG K20 (LG K20 Plus) was launched towards the end of 2016 and came preinstalled with Android 7.0 Nougat. Given its budget status, those who purchased this phone have never received any major OS upgrade. It’s unlikely this will be changing for the rest of the device’s existence, but Android security patches will be sent out occasionally.

On this page, you’ll find all that you need to know with respect to LG K20 software update news, their release dates, and what they bring to the device – in chronological order.


LG K20 update timeline


Date Software version Changelog
29 Apr 2019 M25520f | Android 8.1 April 2019 security patch
26 Feb 2019 M25520e | Android 8.1 February 2019 security patch
10 Oct 2018 M25520b | Android 8.1 Installs Android 8.1 Oreo and August 2018 security update
08 Jan 2018 M25510q | Android 7.0 December 2017 security patch
16 Nov 2017 M25510I | Android 7.0 October 2017 security patch
11 Aug 2017 M25510k | Android 7.0 May 2017 security patch

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Date Software version Changelog
27 Dec 2018 TP26011l | Android 7.0 December 2018 security patch
30 Nov 2018 TP26011j | Android 7.0 November 2018 security patch
30 Aug 2018 TP26011f | Android 7.0 August 2018 security patch
30 April 2018 TP26011b | Android 7.0 April 2018 security patch
05 March 2018 TP26010y | Android 7.0 February 2018 security patch
06 Nov 2017 TP26010u | Android 7.0 October 2017 security patch
24 March 2017 TP26010k | Android 7.0 Fix for e911 timer bug and minor software stability and improvements
10 March 2017 TP26010e | Android 7.0 Pre-installed

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Verizon Wireless

Date Software version Changelog
14 Feb 2019 VS5011CA | Android 7.0 January 2019 security patch
20 Dec 2018 VS5011BA | Android 7.0 December 2018 security update
23 Oct 2018 VS5011AA | Android 7.0 October 2018 security update
14 Sep 2018 VS50119A | Android 7.0 August 2018 security update
31 July 2018 VS50118A | Android 7.0 July 2018 security patch
18 April 2018 VS50116A | Android 7.0 March 2018 security patch
08 June 2018 VS50117A | Android 7.0 May 2018 security patch
23 March 2017 VS50111A | Android 7.0 Improved video call performance during Wi-Fi and cellular network transition

LG K20 Oreo update

Android 8.0 Oreo update: Eligible

It had been widely thought that the LG K20 will remain stuck on Android Nougat, but to our surprise, AT&T has an update to Oreo 8.1 available. Whether this will push other carriers to release an update to Oreo for the K20 is still unknown, but considering that Android Pie is already here and Android Q will soon be the new kid on the block, chances are growing slimmer each day.

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