LG is Likely Prepping Nexus 5 2015 Edition with 5.2 inch Display

nexus 5

As per the ongoing claims, Google might announce two Nexus smartphones with 5.2 inch and 5.7 inch displays this year. LG is likely prepping a 5.2 inch Nexus and Huawei is involved in the making of the bigger 5.7 inch model.

If this turns out to the authentic, this will be the first time that Google is releasing a couple of Nexus smartphones in a year. Also, LG could be making the second Nexus 5 smartphone after the one that was released in 2013.

As the reports, a 5.7 inch Huawei Nexus smartphone with 2K screen resolution and Snapdragon 810 processor is also slated to be released this year. It was also tipped that LG is also prepping a Nexus smartphone with a 5.2 inch display.


It can be said that the Nexus 5 is the most loved and highly acclaimed Nexus smartphone. Though the Nexus 6 was well received by the Android users, the smaller and cheaper Nexus 5 has its place. This could be the reason for LG to make another Nexus 5 smartphone this year. As of now, the names of these devices are not known, but there are speculations that these can be named Nexus 5 2015 by LG and Nexus 6 2015 by Huawei.

Source: Google+, GizmoChina