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LG G7 Android 10, Android 9 Pie update, security updates, and more: December patch out for Verizon

LG has followed the G7 with LG G8 and more recently, LG G8X. Then, is the good old LG G7 still up for the Android 10 update? Let’s check out G7’s eligibility and expected release date for Android 10 update below along with security updates for the Global unit as well as those as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Oh BTW, let’s hope Sprint releases the Pie update soon.

Latest news

 January 10, 2020: US telecom giant, Verizon Wireless, has released an update for the LG G7 ThinQ. Dubbed as Software Update 11 and carrying software version G710VM20e, the OTA brings the December 2019 security patch.

November 13, 2019: LG has released an update for the US Unlocked variant of the LG G7 ThinQ. The update, which is now live for the 2018 flagship, carries software version G710ULM20e and brings the October 2019 security patch.

November 05, 2019: LG has started rolling out an update for its G7 ThinQ. The package, which carries software version G710N20j, improves quick settings visibility, fixes the error which prevented users from opening a URL in a message if it contained certain characters, and brings the November 2019 security patch.

November 01, 2019: Verizon has started rolling out an update for the G7 ThinQ. Carrying software version G710VM20d, the OTA delivers the October 2019 security patch.

October 29, 2019: One of the leading telecommunication companies in the United States, Sprint, has released a software update for the LG G7 ThinQ. Dubbed as G710P18a, the OTA bumps the device’s security patch to October 2019.

October 18, 2019: the LG G7 users at AT&T are now receiving the September security update, coming in as version G710TM20e. And that’s about it as far as the changelog shared by T-Mobile goes. The update was announced on the T-Mobile’s support page only now but it says that the OTA has been rolling out since September 30th.

September 26, 2019: An update has started rolling out for LG G7 ThinQ users in Europe. Carrying software version V20d-EUR-XX, the OTA brings the September 2019 security patch.

September 07, 2019: LG G7 at Verizon in for a software update. Dubbed G710VM20c, the new OTA not only brings August 2019 security patch to the device but also updates the pre-loaded Google and Verizon apps.

August 14, 2019: Android Pie has been available for the US Unlocked and Google FI variants. Both OTAs carry software version G710ULM20D and bring the June 2019 security patch.

July 15, 2019: The big update, Android Pie is now available for T-Mobile users, too. Coming in as software version G710TM20c, the Android 9 update is now seeding out as an OTA. Check for the update under Settings to update now.

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LG G7 Android 10 update

Is LG G7 eligible for Android 10 update? Are all the variants eligible, including ones in the US at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon?

Will LG G7 get Android 10?

LG’s OS updates are delayed but thankfully, not denied. You’d be forgiven to give up hopes on Android 10 update after the lethargic character LG portrayed with Pie rollout, but well, don’t give up.

LG G7 is eligible for Android 10, and it shall not take as much time as it took the Pie update. Here’s why.

Android 10 update

Why Android 10 for LG G7 will not be delayed much

Sure, LG killed the mood with the HUGE delay in bringing the update to most of its users. But we think the same fate may not be caused to its Android 10 update for G7. With Android 10, LG has been part of the Android 10 beta program for long time, and that MUST have helped the company a lot in preparing the update at the earliest.

You can see OnePlus benefitting from that as they released the Android 10 update as Open Beta 1 for their OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro handsets recently. And even though Samsung was not part of the Android 10 beta program, it too has a solid working build in its hands, as was seen in One UI 2.0 leak, and the fact that T-Mobile is now testing Android 10 for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10.

Let’s hope LG didn’t let go of this perfect opportunity to developer their Android 10 update quicker than usual. And let’s hope at least one LG device (V50, G8?) gets the Android 10 beta before the end of September.

LG G7 Android Pie update

  • Available at T-Mobile and Verizon in the US
  • Also available in Europe and Korea
CategoryCurrent OSAndroid Pie update
KoreaAndroid 9Released on 17 Jan 2019
GlobalAndroid 9Released in Europe on 05 June 2019
SprintAndroid 8.0Expected (Q2 2019)
T-MobileAndroid 9Released on 10 June 2019
VerizonAndroid 9Released on 05 June 2019
U.S. CellularAndroid 8.0Expected (Q2 2019)
CanadaAndroid 8.0Expected (Q2 2019)
U.S. UnlockedAndroid 9Released on August 14th, 2019

The LG G7 ThinQ runs Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box. Being a flagship phone, at least two major OS upgrades are in line, beginning with Android 9.0 Pie. The beta update is already available in some markets and according to the Korean company, a stable version will arrive in Q1 2019, but there is no specific date.

LG G7 ThinQ updates

Here’s a summary of updates released for the various variants of the LG G7.

Unlocked LG G7 update

DateSoftware versionChangelog
05 Nov 201920jImproved visibility of quick settings, URL bug fix, November 2019 security patch
26 Sep 201920dSeptember 2019 security patch
19 Aug 201920cJuly 2019 security patch, improved camera performance, and more
05 Jun 201920bBrings Android 9 Pie update to the European version of the LG G7

Sprint LG G7 update

DateSoftware versionChangelog
29 Oct 2019G710P18a | Android 9October 2019 security patch
07 May 2019G710PM15b | Android 8.0The update includes fixes for Band 41 Upload Carrier Aggregation (ULCA) High Block Error Ratio (BLER) and T-Mobile Roaming issues, and March 2019 security patch
13 Mar 2019G710PM14b | Android 8.0Security patches up to February 2019
27 Nov 2018G710P13a | Android 8.0November 2018 security patch
27 Sep 2018G710P12a | Android 8.0September 2018 security patch
24 July 2018G710P11a | Android 8.0July 2018 security patch, improves camera performance and Google Lens, and optimizes performance
20 June 2018G710PM10a | Android 8.0June 2018 security patch, bug fixes and improvements

T-Mobile LG G7 update

DateSoftware versionChangelog
30 Sep 2019G710TM20e | Android 9September 2019 security patch
01 Aug 2019G710TM20d | Android 9July 2019 security patch, about 173MB in size
15 July 2019G710TM20c | Android 9Android Pie OS update
18 May 2019G710TM10p | Android 8.0April 2019 security patch
21 Feb 2019G710TM10o | Android 8.0December 2018, January 2019 and February 2019 security patches
11 Dec 2018G710TM10n | Android 8.0October November 2018 security patches
03 Oct 2018G710TM10k | Android 8.0September 2018 security patch, bug fixes and system improvements
11 July 2018G710TM10g | Android 8.0July 2018 security patch, bug fixes and system improvements
22 June 2018G710TM10f | Android 8.0Bug fixes and system improvements
01 June 2018G710TM10d | Android 8.0Out of the box mandatory software update with various bug fixes and system improvements
01 June 2018G710TM010c | Android 8.0Pre-installed

Verizon LG G7 update

DateSoftware versionChangelog
10 Jan 2020G710VM20e | Android 9December 2019 security patch
01 Nov 2019G710VM20d | Android 9October 2019 security patch
06 Sep 2019G710VM20c | Android 9Up to August 2019 security patch
04 Jun 2019NA | Android 9Android 9 Pie update
12 Apr 2019G710VM10j | Android 8.0March 2019 security patch
04 Mar 2019G710VM10i | Android 8.0February 2019 security patch, Home app fix and LG preloaded apps update
23 Jan 2019G710VM10h | Android 8.0December 2018 security patch
05 Dec 2018G710VM10g | Android 8.0November 2018 security patch
10 Oct 2018G710VM10f | Android 8.0September 2018 security patch, fingerprint and face registration options added in screen unlock setup, and more
27 July 2018G710VM10e | Android 8.0July 2018 security patch, Google AR stickers, AI Cam Auto button, and more

U.S. unlocked LG G7 update

DateSoftware versionChangelog
13 Nov 2019G710ULM20e | Android 9.0October 2019 security patch
14 Aug 2019G710ULM20D | Android 9.0Android Pie OS update, June 2019 security patch
27 Jan 2019G710ULM10i | Android 8.0January 2019 security patch
03 Dec 2018G710ULM11g | Android 8.0November 2018 security patch, bug fixes and system improvements
11 Oct 2018G710ULM10g | Android 8.0September security patch, bug fixes and system improvements
22 July 2018G710ULM10f | Android 8.0July 2018 security patch, bug fixes and system improvements
July 2018G710ULM10b | Android 8.0Pre-installed

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Android 9 Pie changelog (from Verizon):

This software update for your LG G7 includes Android Pie OS upgrade and the latest Android security patches.

Home touch buttons with gesture:

  • Just swipe up to switch to Overview or App drawer. Swipe right to move to the most recently used app.

Use the Volume keys for media:

  • The Volume keys now adjust from ringtone volume to media volume by default.

Show lockdown option:

  • In the lockdown mode, biometrics cannot be used, all lock screen notifications are hidden, and Smart Lock turns off. Press and hold the Power key and select Lockdown.
Verizon G7 Pie update changelog

Cine shot:

  • Easily make cinemagraphs and take still photographs with a minor repeated movement.

Part Slo-mo:

  • Record a video with up to five scenes in slow motion. You can also edit which parts to play in slow motion and change the speed.

AI composition:

  • When AI CAM detects a person, it suggests the best composition.
Verizon G7 Pie update camera


Intelligent Gallery zoom:

  • For a photo taken in Portrait, touching and holding on it temporarily removes the blur.

Album bar:

  • Lets you move photos or jump to other Gallery albums quickly.

Verizon G7 Pie update album-bar

Fundamental enhancements

Home screen lock:

  • Prevents apps and widgets from unintentionally being rearranged or removed.

Dual App:

  • Lets you use two of the same apps simultaneously with different accounts. This feature works with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Line, Skype, Telegram, KakaoTalk, QQ Mobile, BlackBerry Messenger, Hike Messenger, ICQ, Zalo and Snapchat.

Secure power-off:

  • The phone may not be powered off when locked; unlocking the phone is required. This prevents someone from powering off the phone when it is lost.

What are your thoughts on LG’s Android Pie release?


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