LG G6 Price in Australia revealed via a leak

The LG G6 price for Australian carrier Telstra has leaked out. The off contract price full seems to be a tad bit higher at AUS $1008 than what US carriers are offering.

Offers are divided into two type of plans: Go Mobile Plus and Go Mobile Swap. The starting price remains AUS $27 under the former, while AUS $17 under the latter. If oyu are looking for zero-down-payment deal, you need AUS $135 plan under Go Mobile Plus, while $95 plan under Go Mobile Swap.


As of now, the LG G6 may not have great coverage as it it is yet to be Blue Tick certified. This is Telstra’s way of offering better and higher quality signals not only though better network coverage but also through optimization of the device.

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LG has tactfully placed their the G6 pricing to stay well below Samsung’s current Australian lineup. This certainly does give LG the edge, especially when the upcoming Galaxy S8 is nearing it’s launch date, not to mention that the S8 is also expected to be priced a lot more.

Via Ausdroid

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