LG G6, LG Watch Sport and Watch Style launched in Taiwan

It’s a triple bonanza for customers in Taiwan. And the bonanza is being offered by none other than LG which has simultaneously launched its flagship smartphone G6 and latest Android 2.0 smartwatches in the country.

The LG G6 has entered the Taiwan market with a price tag of NT$24,900 which translates to US$816 for the unlocked variant. The shipping will start from May 1st. So, another 10 days and Taiwan customers can hold a LG G6 phone in their hands. The colors in which G6 will be available are White, Black and Silver.

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On the other hand, the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style, which are LG’s latest smartwatches boasting of Android Wear 2.0 have also been released in Taiwan. They are up for grabs and carry NT$11,900 and NT$8,900 price tag for Watch Sport and Watch Style respectively.

LG has been trying to strengthen its hold in the Taiwan market with targets set at 2-3% increase in sale of wearable products this year and 5-10% share in terms of sale in the local smartphone market in 2017.

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Source: LG

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  • Okay the watch looks gorgeous! Out of all the smartwaches I have witnesses I think LG and Moto make the best looking ones. And this time they have really outdone themselves. Sweet deal to pick up a G6 and a watch together. Would be a lovely experience

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