LG G4 Specs uncovered from a System Dump

It looks like someone’s got the hold of LG G4 System dump, and has done some digging for us all those who are interested in LG G4 specifications to find that it carries a mention of 16MP camera.  There’s an array that’s list basically defining the menu icon image to be used. There is mention of “levellist_setting_expand_w16m” file (note w16m, that’s secret talk about 16MP wide camera), which should be an icon image, along with many other as you can see in the pic above which in my humble opinion is a reasonable indication of LG coding according for a wide-angle 16MP camera, whose obvious use could be only in their next flagship, the G4, now that we know G Flex 2 specs, and that it houses the same 13MP camera that impressed us on G3.

Furthermore, somewhere else in code, there was reference to all kind of resolution in pixels terms, an appropriate entry “5312 x 2988” was also found, that lines up with expected resolution for a 16MP wide camera.

And there’s more. LG G4 is said to don a Snapdragon 810 chip, even though that’s not the case with Samsung Galaxy S6 anymore. While mum is the word on screen size and other specs, going by the earlier specs leak, we expect the device size remain same at 5.5″ or go one notch up, to 5.7″ matching the Note 4. The RAM should be at least 3GB, but with feisty device like Xiaomi Note Pro raising the bar with 4GB DDR4 RAM, which is 40% faster than the best of DDR3 modules available in the market while being 30% lighter on battery, we think LG (and all other OEMs, for that matter) would be hard pressed to not go for 4GB RAM — although, there’s nothing wrong with 3GB as it’s more than sufficient for sure, and one that we’d gladly accept. LG’s recent launch, the G Flex 2, houses 3GB DDR4 RAM, btw.

That’s all the bits about the LG G4 specifications for now. Stay in touch for more!

Via PhoneAena | Source: TechManiacs

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