LG G4 Specs might include a 3K display, screams 601PPI!

We know a lot about LG G4 specifications (here). And we almost thought for sure that it would sport a 2K (Quad HD) display, like the LG G3, thanks to a leaked document concerning the AT&T G4. But a similar leak happened today, regarding the Verizon Wireless LG G4, model no. LG-VS999, revealing the resolution of 1620 x 2880 pixels for the device. That’s 3K res, guys!

LG upped the game, and won many hearts, with its 2K display for LG G3 in the July of 2014, and looks like it wants to do something like that again. After all, even though the PPI has broken the stratosphere already, bragging about your flagship’s display makes better impression than most, even though a bit gimmicky.

If as rumored earlier, the display size is retained at 5.5 inches, that means a PPI of 601 for LG G4. Whopping!

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Sure that sounds amazing for a display on a phone, but we’re excited about the new design LG seems to have planned for its G4. It’s said that LG wants to differentiate the G4 from G3, and is thinking of kind of a revamp. We know you loved G3, we too, but let’s admit, we don’t fancy any more plastic backs in 2015.

Guess what, even Samsung has learned a thing about plastic backs, and is thus hellbent on correcting that by using the glass at the back, and metal for the sides, for its upcoming Galaxy S6 handset, and its variant with two sides curved, the Galaxy S Edge. Specs of Galaxy S6 are pretty awesome, though, be sure to give it a look!

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