LG G4 set out to release in April to avoid clashes with other flagships

The Mobile World Congress is only a few weeks, days in fact, away and yet, all we have heard about is the Galaxy S6, the HTC One M9 and the Sony Xperia Z4. But, there was no news anywhere regarding the LG’s new smartphone G4. In case you are wondering why, then here’s the answer: LG Electronics will not be releasing the LG G4 at the MWC.

Well, that is no reason for you to be disappointed. LG has apparently just postponed the release of G4 to avoid any conflicts with Samsung or HTC. When you think of it, it does seem reasonable. With Samsung unveiling its Galaxy S6 and HTC its One M9, there is definitely going to be a clash between all of them. Hence, LG has postponed its smartphone’s release to sometime in April.

Unlike LG, Samsung does not depend on Qualcomm’s technology. So, in case the Qualcomm process chips encounter some problem, then LG will have to delay its plan for a key product release. However, Qualcomm reported that its chips remained on track and it expected commercial devices to be available before the first half of 2016.

Now, when we look at it, April seems like just the right time for LG to release their new flagship. By this, they will be avoiding direct clashes with Samsung, HTC, iPhone and Xperia Z4 too.

Source: The Korea Times
  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    They better be scared cause the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are about to blow the doors of the LG G4.

    It’s not even going to be a legitimate competition.

    LG’s 15mins of fame is over and they are taking Qualcomm with them. 

    • squiddy20

      And you’re the only fool talking as if LG is “scared”.

      • jamboy300

        I’m the other fool too cuz I do believe that Samsung is going to knock the dust off that pussy lol