LG G4 gets call recording and themes support with G4 TweaksBox

Before we run deeper into amazing set of features — some of them a must-have — that G4 TweaksBox Xposed module brings, including call recording and themes support, let us make clear that you need root access on LG G4 for this.

That’s because G4 TweaksBox requires Xposed framework which requires root access to do its job. So, get LG G4 root here to begin with all of this. If you need any help with G4 Root, sure tell us via comments below.


We’ve covered everything in detail in the guide below. Just follow the guide step by step to get the G4 TweaksBox running on your device. But if you are new to root, Xposed stuff, then make sure you have some 1-2 hours to spare for this — it may take some time.

Now, the G4 TweaksBox for LG G4 enables call recording on the device, and also brings cool themes support along with many, many other features.


The list includes lots of customization features, and as you can see in the image at top, and in the one right above, the G4 TweaksBox Xposed module can keep you busy customizing your device easily for an hour — it has that much to offer.

Here’s how to install G4 TweaksBox on your LG G4, whether it’s international model, or the one at Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T or anywhere else.

Step-by-step Guide

Note: you bear all risks attached with installing and using the root, Xposed and G4 TweaksBox. If you don’t know what you are doing, stop right now.

Step 1. Root you LG G4.

Make sure your G4 is on Android 5.1.1 as the Xposed module G4 TweaksBox doesn’t work on 5.0.

Step 2. Install Xposed module on G4 (requires root access).

Step 3. Download the G4 TweaksBox from here (under Attached files). Transfer the APK to G4 is you downloaded it on PC.

Step 4. Install the G4 TweaksBox using its APK. For help, see here.

Step 5. Open Xposed app, and enable the G4 Xposed module.

Step 6. Restart the device now. once done, you will have G4 TweaksBox installed and running.

Step 7. Open the G4 TweaksBox and mod your device to your will. You will need to restart the apps for changes to take effect. For example, if you disable shutter sound for camera app, then you will need to close the app from recent tasks (if it’s there), and then start the app again.

That’s it. Enjoy customizing your LG G4, and recording calls on it.

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