LG G4 Dual Sim H818P receiving v10d OTA update!

The lesser known dual-sim variant H818P, of the more popular LG G4 H815, is receiving an update to v10d. While LG G4 is already on Android 5.1.1, and there as such there is nothing to look forward to its updates as regards increments in version no., it’s well known that LG’s software needs some serious tweaking to come any close to smoothness provided by stoch UI toting Nexus phones.

Which is why whenever an update comes out for a LG device, whether popular one or less so, we have our hopes tied on improved user experience, where lag and occasional jerks are gone forever.

If you don a dual-SIM LG G4, model no. H818P, then do let us know how v10d update treats you? Are you able to spot any visual changes? Or any performance boosts, resulting from ironing out of bugs here and there in LG’s custom UI?

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