LG G Watch Urbane price set at £299, goes for pre-order at Expansys UK

The LG G Watch Urbane, which the company announced only a couple of weeks ago and also shared a teaser video earlier today is already up for pre-order over at Expansys UK.

The price set for the all-metal smartwatch from LG says it out loud the thing is indeed premium. Expansys has listed the G Watch Urbane at £299 which translates to $462, nearly twice of the price other Android Wear watches are selling on the market.

If you ask us, that price point is ridiculous. A smartwatch is after all only a tiny screen on your wrist, that shows you notifications from phone and records your fitness data — the latter part is useful, but you’ve better options for that in form of fitness bands that generally costs less than a $100 and also suits better for sports purpose. So really $462 isn’t worth it (not even with being all-metal).

Anyway, Expansys has listed both the Silver and Rose Gold color options of the premium watch, check them out at the pre-order link provided below. And in case you missed the LG G Watch Urbane teaser video that LG dropped earlier today, check it out now:

Pre-order link (Expansys UK)

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